Christmas Snow - 圣诞飘雪 WordPress 插件

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Christmas Snow - 圣诞飘雪 WordPress 插件

Christmas Snow - 圣诞飘雪 WordPress 插件

Christmas Snow will turn your WordPress site into a Snowy WordPress site. By adding the Christmas flavor to your WordPress site you can make your visitors feel at home during the Christmas Season. If you are targeting Christmas Season Sales, this is the right Plugin for you. Christmas Snow Plugin has around 50 (25 White and 25 Rainbow Color) different types of Snow Flakes to choose from. You can create multiple types of Snow Flakes and choose which type to show on which Pages/Posts. Highly Customizable Plugin with lots of options.

专为圣诞节 新年准备的网页飘雪效果,wordpress插件!



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