Playtube mobile v1.0 - 安卓客户端源码

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Playtube mobile v1.0 - 安卓客户端源码

Playtube mobile v1.0 - 安卓客户端源码




Minimum Android Target is V 4.2
Playtube v1.3 or higher.



Application Features

Register Page – Ability to register an new account.
Login Page –Ability for users to login from mobile.
Material Design – Complete Material Design, Completely customizable in every color. With subtile animations like parallax headers and fading toolbars.
Customizable – Easily make your app yours by translations and by customizing colors & using your own icons for menu items.
Admob Banners – With build in Admob, it takes only a few seconds to add banner throughout your app & show interstitial advertisements during navigation.
Language support – Easily translatable from within a single file (Multilingual system)
No internet connection screen/page – Show a beautifully designed no connection screen or define a local webpage that will load when no connection is available.
Import Videos – Import videos easily from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
Like & Dislike – User can like or dislike videos.
User Channels – View, to user channels .
Wach later – View, and add your videos to wach later list .
Playlists – View, and play playlist of videos .
Search Page – Added ability to search for videos
Handling Image – Added ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed.
Walkthrough Pages – Give your application more information by viewing Walkthrough pages on first time.
Handling Image – Added ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed .
Toasts & Alerts – Added ability to display alerts , Toasts , success , errors, loadings , and more.
Certificate Chains – Added Certificate Chains && Secure Protocols for High secured servers.
Royal Documentation – Instructions for first app (installing Xamarin, sdk etc). Step by step importing and customizing of the template.
Video Tutorials – Instruction video’s for setting up the SDK and Xamarin, opening the appropriate files, changing your package name and exporting your app.


Android v1.0 2/1/2018

##IOS Version Under Development
1-Release of Android application version
2-Ability to view featured videos
3-Ability to view last Videos
4-Ability to view trending videos
5-Full documention expalined
6-Ability to view subcribed videos
7-Ability to view channels and subcribe to it
8-Ability to view/add to liked video page
9-Ability to Search/view all kind of videos
10-Ability to add your Admob Banners
11-Added full Multilingual system with arabic support
12-Ability to Login/Register from the application
13-Ability to view my history from the app
14-Ability to comment and reply to comments on the video
15-Ability to handel offline connection.
16-Ability to handel Image loading with bad connections.
17-Added Toasts & Alerts popups .
18-Added SQLite datatbase system.
19-Added PullRefresh rerender on all pages.
20-Added Custom Fonts icon Awesom/ionicons/Flame.
21-Added full video tutorial .
22-Added empty state pages .
23-Added Ability to view playlist videos .
24-Added Ability to view Top videos .
25-Added Ability to add videos to watch later .
26-Added Ability to Import videos from Youtube ,vimeo and more .


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