Crypty 2.0 - PHP版文件在线加密解密工具

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Crypty 2.0 - PHP版文件在线加密解密工具

Crypty 2.0 - PHP版文件在线加密解密工具


In the last few years encryption is a topic which rapidly came to mind to almost all site owners on the web. Nowadays end users worry about their data security as well and want their data to be safe and secure. Crypty offers you the ability to host a reliable and secure script which allows end users to encrypt their sensible data and to protect it against attacks and spying. On the one hand Crypty focuses on an easy user experience – no encryption knowledge is required at all thanks to an easy express encryption mode which automatically sets all encryption parameters and generates a very secure passphrase for encrypted files. On the other hand besides easy encryption, Crypty also allows end users to set all their encryption parameters by themselves to allow maximum customization for advances users as well.


Encrypt multiple files at once easily
Easy and Advanced Encryption mode
Analyse Encrypted files and display information like file hashes and file sizes
Secure technology with secure encryption ciphers to ensure maximum security
Opensource mcrypt encryption technology with all supported encryption modes
Responsive and unique design
Secure random string generator for secure keys
Free and fast first aid support for installation issues

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Crypty 2.0 - PHP版文件在线加密解密工具

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